co hosted with Ralf Jean Pierre
JKaps (@jonathankyall) and Ralf (@precgorgralf) are two earnest, wide-eyed, actor-musician-comedians who are getting the shit beat out of them by  New York City. WE WON'T BE HERE FOREVER is a podcast dedicated to the misadventures of these two innocent, guileless idiots.

Episode 8: u know, like harmonic convergence - Ralf and Kaps figure out the things u do in life are connected in a cosmic tableau like improv cult leader Del Close once prophesized.
Episode 7 show notes: Come for the North Coast diss track, stay for the existential philosophizing!

Episode 6 show notes: JKaps and Ralf discuss their novel admiration for the 90's sketch show, In Living Color, break down what it means to get people to "buy in" to you as an artist and/or a "brand", go into a vehement, aggressive, bulletproof defense of the merits of Keanu Reeves as an artist, and their mutual identification with the iconic character of Steve Urkel. Also David Kiersh is mentioned.

Episode 5 show notes: JKaps and Ralf talk about the emo origins behind one of Jkaps songs, Ralf's secret instagram rap series #16to100realquick, their scorpionic aloofness, how social media made all mourning fake, why all artists are biters whether they mean to be or not, and how awesome Ralf thinks the two of them are.

Episode 4 show notes: Continuing on their quest to understand the relationship btw people and their hopes, dreams and actualization, Kaps and Ralf have a candid conversation with "Curly" & "Larry" two put-upon former assistants to the head of a medium sized corporation. We get to the bottom of their struggles, their grievances, their horror stories, their secret dreams and passions, and learn what makes them tick. Our most bananas podcast episode yet!

Episode 3 show notes: Marianne Bayard, co-creator of the absurd web-series, "Killing It!" with Jkaps, about two psuedo-actor/artist best friends too idiotic to give up on their dreams or each other, joins us. We talk about their series, where it came from, how it works, why it's so stupid, Marianne and Jkaps' partnership, and their mysterious background in the arcane comedic art of clown. Lots of sexy artist talk here. Clown theater deep cut links: Philippe / /

Episode 2 show notes: JKaps (@jonathankyall) and Ralf (@precgorgralf) are two earnest, over-eager, and aged actor-comedian-musician-visual artists who are getting the shit beat out of them by the harsh bustle of living in New York City, where they both are from. WE WON'T BE HERE FOREVER is a podcast dedicated to the heart-felt ruminations and misadventures of these two innocent, guileless idiots.

Episode 1 show notes: One of the earliest episodes, we say 'like' too much and aren't cool enough for 'the scene'.